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This program received 2 awards
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Editorial review

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Pedro Castro Senior editor

Based on Internet Explorer, FlashPeakSlimBrowser has been added other functionalities to facilitate Internet navigation. Unfortunately, its interface looks rather cluttered just as it comes from out of the box. However, it is actually quite customizable and even allows changing skins.
The browser allows you to create groups of webpages. Let’s imagine you like to check various social networks every morning; if you put them together in a group, you can easily open them all with a single click. Also, the browser lets you view various pages as tiled windows and arrange them as you wish. Moreover, if you frequently change proxy configuration, you can configure various proxy servers and move easily from one to another. Other useful features are the availability of a built-in download manager, a spell checker in various languages, an add blocker and various translation tools.

The main limitation of this browser is precisely that it uses Internet Explorer´s rendering engine, which is known as not being as fast as those used by other browsers. However, you’re allowed to choose an IE version for each site to avoid compatibility issues.

In a few words, FlashPeakSlimBrowser has the advantage of being packed with features. Still, other popular browsers can add similar features just by customizing them with add-ons or extensions. The only difference is that FlashPeakSlimBrowser´s users save the efforts of finding the needed add-ons. Again, speed is this browser’s absolutely weakest point.


  • It has multiple features.
  • It doesn´t require installing add-ons.
  • It allows creating page groups.
  • It has a built-in download manager.


  • It has a cluttered interface.
  • It uses IE rendering engine.
This software was checked for viruses and was found to be clean. Click here to see antivirus report.
trusted DOWNLOAD 3.9 MB

What's new in version 8.0

Add support for downloading videos from dailymotion.com, vimeo.com and facebook.com

What's new in version 7.0

- Fixed bug with youtube video download.
- Added full support for mouse gesture.
- Improved process model to prevent SlimBrowser from freezing or hanging after prelonged use in a single session.
- Redesigned ad blocker to support ad blocker plus filter rules.
- Added better support to use the original address bar as search bar as well.

Publisher's description

Best web browser for Windows in terms of time savings.
Lightning Fast
Faster startup, faster web browsing, 10x faster file & video download, 20x faster photo upload.
Convenient and Efficient
Save wasted time, keystrokes & mouse clicks with artificial intelligence and automation.
Powerful and Versatile
Critical and nice-to-have features alike, SlimBrowser does it all for you without plugins.
Secure and Protective
Integration with online virus scanners, securely manage passwords, safely erase all traces.

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    DB 3 months ago

    This was one of the best Browser on the internet. Why it isn't the number one browser used is beyond me. It offers so much more than IE , Firefox or Safari or any others. I still use it and have installed on hundreds of computers I work on. It isn't complicated and it allows me to organize in a manner I appreciate. Great software

  • 0
    Narfler 7 months ago

    One reviewer's negative: "Lacks the minimalistic design that characterizes other modern browsers.
    This is the second best Windows 7 browser for me, after the sly old Firefox, and I've been on a browser since Mosaic, the mother of Netscape. This thing has a great level of geeky granular settings/controls, better than IE, Chrome, Opera or Safari by far. It's quick enough, using my MSIE 11 engine, and best of all works with everything I throw at it. Sometimes my hyper-customized/tweaked Firefox won't display a page correctly or has a hard time loading some page elements. I fire up Slim Shady and boom, bang, good to go. My only problem with it is that I can't find a less awkward way to accept/deny/clear/protect cookies than the built-in IE "Internet Options/Privacy". Nothing's perfect!

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    Guest 3 years ago

    Excellent for an old PC, in average spends between 20 and 60 MB, highly recommended, the best choice if you have between 128 and 512 RAM.

All comments (8)

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